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Nov 30, 2020 | ดู 121 ครั้ง

Rest of My Life - JC STEWART
Can't take another night on my own
Could've gone out instead
Can't take another conversation
It just fills me full of dread
Can't take another swipe on my phone
Not good for my head
Can't take another awkward morning with a stranger in my bed

I've travelled way too far
Broken too many hearts
Been beaten bruised and scarred
But I'll rise up rise up
I'm looking for that kiss only lovers know exist
Do you wanna take the risk
We could rise up rise up

I just wanna find
Someone that I
Can spend the rest of my night with
I just wanna find
Some that I
Can spend the rest of my life with


Can't take another drunken night
That I'm gonna just regret
Can't take another morning try'a wash the whiskey off my breath
Can't take another long goodbye
That I know you're gonna send
The million reasons why you think that we should just be friends

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