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Sep 01, 2020 | ดู 2,456 ครั้ง

I Should Probably Go To Bed [MV] - DAN + SHAY
All of my friends
Finally convinced
Me to get out of the house
To help me forget
To help me move on
Then I heard you're back in town

In a crowd of strangers and lovers
Someone told me that you were coming


I should probably go to bed
I should probably turn off my phone
I should quit while I'm ahead
I should probably leave you alone
'Cause I know in the morning
I'll be calling
Saying sorry for the things I said
So I should probably go to bed

So I don't undo
The got over you
That it took so long to find
'Cause all it would take
Is seeing your face
And I'd forget

Before I question my decision
Is it love, I know it isn't
Now I'm all up in my head again
'Cause I know I don't

Have the self control
To walk away if you walk in
I know I should probably go to bed
I'm all up in my head, I should go to bed

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