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Apr 20, 2020 | ดู 987 ครั้ง

I'm another year older
I won't cry about you anymore
Told my friends to come over
To dye my hair, mm
It's not even the weekend
And I'm wearin' that dress I can't afford
Givin' life a new meanin'
Without you there
Do some stupid shit, maybe get a tattoo (oh)
Whatever I can do to get my mind off you (oh)
It's my birthday
I'ma do what I like
I'ma eat what I like
I'ma kiss who I like
It's my birthday
I'am do what I like
I'ma wear what I like
I'ma party tonight
Goddamn, it's my birthday
Everybody love me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, look at me, gimme money
Damn, it's my birthday
Everybody love me
Nah, I ain't thinkin' 'bout you
It's my birthday
I blow out all the candles, uh (I blow out all the candles)
I can't even afford my rent (hoo)
So I'm not buyin' the drinks, 'cause
I'ma leave…

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